Design Like Mad 2017

April 8th

What is Design Like Mad?

Design Like Mad is an open source concept for 12-hour design marathons hosted in different cities throughout the country. These events bring together student and professional designers for 12 hours to provide pro-bono, design work for deserving, local nonprofit organizations. In Madison alone, Design Like Mad has helped 53 nonprofits on over 60 projects.



If you want to participate in Design Like Mad, first you have to fill out an application (and be accepted).

Who can/should apply?
Designers, developers and creative-types of all experience levels (students, too!)
Nonprofit organizations in the greater Madison area that have a brilliant new idea, but lack the resources to make it happen.


We organize teams based on ability of designers and the needs of the nonprofit. One of the goals of Design Like Mad is to foster new and unexpected collaborations. For this reason, we do not take requests for teammates. Teams are assigned based on skill level and design experience.

Roughly 1 week prior to the event for a project pre-planning event, the teams will meet for the first time. This is also each team’s chance to meet their nonprofit. No work is completed at pre-planning meeting, instead team’s plan for the Design Like Mad event so they can hit the ground running. This meeting is mandatory for all participants and nonprofit representatives.


The event starts bright and early at 9am. Designers will have 9 hours to complete their project, and present their hard work at the end. Food, coffee and more will be provided throughout the day to reward all the hard work!

Okay, I’m in. Sign me up!

Head to our Join page to submit your application.